300g 400g 500g 600g 1000g Rated Load and 0.001g Accuracy Digital Weigh Scale

300g 400g 500g 600g 1000g Rated Load and 0.001g Accuracy Digital Weigh Scale

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WANT Equilibrium Instrument Co., Ltd.
Because 1993, specializing in creating, manufacturing, marketing Floor Platform Digital Weigh Scale, owns abundant engineering, and unbiased research section. The level of our technologies requires the direct in Chinese stability market. Higher top quality, favorable price & outstanding support make our goods acquire wonderful popularity domestic and overseas.

The entire approach of production is controllable strictly by QM-Method. We strictly apply nationwide specifications-GB/T26497, receiving CZPT: 2008, CE, RoHs, C-Tick Certificates, and has the rights of importing and exporting(CZPT Code is 3204964107). We promise one-year warranty and life span servicing.

WT-B Collection of .1g 6kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 30kg Floor Platform Digital Weigh Scale
SST Pan, Metal Board, Indicator can be separated with entire body, can be utilized underneath bad problem
Our organization manufacture numerous kinds of Ground System Electronic Weigh Scales,
If you want, I can ship you our solution catalogue.  

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Scale model Balance parameters Weighing Range Sensitive precision name
WT-N with windshield CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 60g-1000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  
WT-N Large range weighing scale CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 2000g-5000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 1mg Electronic precision balance
WT-K with windshield CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 60g-1000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  
WT-K Large range weighing scale CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 1000g-5000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  
FA -CH High precision electronic balance with windshield CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 60g-300g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg .1mg Electronic analytical balance
WT-X CZPT display balance CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 6000g-30000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg .1mg electronic analytical weighing balance
WT-B Detachable electronic balance CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 6000g-30000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  
WT-L Desktop electronic balance CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 60kg-300kg 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg micro-balance micro balance
WT-S Static water balance  CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 200g-5000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  microprojection readlng balance
WT-T Textile Balance CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg   1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  
WT-C high precision balance CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 60g-500g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg miro balance
WT-C high precision large weighing balance CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 1000g-5000g    
WT-D  electronic loadometer scale CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 1t 2t 3t or CZPT 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg Ultramicro electronic balance
WT-A CZPT display balance, plastic model CZPTized 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg 100g-2000g 1g 10g 1mg 0.1mg 0.001g 0.01g 0.1g 10mg  

Analytical Excellence
to Boost CZPTer Processes
WANT BALANCE’s thorough assortment of laboratory balances and analytical devices supplies customers with flexibility and precision in each laboratory application furthermore outstanding good quality and operation

Investigation and CZPT Laboratory
WANT Stability offers a broad portfolio of higher overall performance laboratory balances and analytical instruments for a lot of laboratory purposes. Our instrument portfolio was developed to meet up with the special demands of reasearch and growth laboratories.

Effective Top quality Manage Laboratory
Getting reliable outcomes successfully is key for most good quality control laboratories. Our laboratory balances and analytical instrument not only concentrate on supplying specific benefits but also make procedure less difficult and support compliance with regulations.

Weighing and Dosing
Analytical Stability, Precision Harmony and Micro Stability
WANT BALANCE’s weighing and dosing skills and production competence goes into each analytical stability to provide you fantastic weighing and dosing functionality. In mix with laboratory software program and dedicated weighing accessories, you can create a CZPT weighing and dosing answer to make your laboratory apps rapidly, basic and worry-totally free.

From merchandise in via development and creation to packaging and buy success WANT Balance is your companion for all your weighing and measuring wants. Our vast portfolio of precision instruments offer consistent and precise measurements and ensure your compliance with govt laws. 

With our industry companies working in most industrialized nations, as properly as selected companions in other regions, we are all set to provide you all around the globe. Our geographically centered industry companies and associates are dependable for all elements of revenue, support, and help. 

WANT Harmony – A reputable Provider associate for your equipment

Providing Measurement Solutions 
Across Our CZPTers’ Worth Chain

We offer you precision instruments and companies for many apps in analysis and development, top quality control, production, logistics and retail to buyers all around the planet.

WANT Stability strives to meet up with your particular provider needs. We offer a broad array of solutions, including a extensive weighing service portfolio, laboratory equilibrium companies, industrial scales support, and other measurement equipment solutions. Our factory trained professionals will assistance you in anything at all from scale guarantee to conducting thorough balances solutions making use of expert and proprietary measuring resources. Retaining your gear compliant and at peak functionality during its lifecycle, WANT Stability companies scale the assist required for your products.

Let us be your dependable advisor and offer the essential services stability amongst setting specifications and your production requirements.

WANT Stability aim to meet your certain services wants. We offer a broad array of services, like a extensive weighing services portfolio, laboratory stability services, industrial scales services, gear support and other measuring equipment solutions. You can ask for provider assistance straight on our service help page and on any other support web pages on http:///

Enable us be your reliable advisor and give the needed service equilibrium in between surroundings requirements and your manufacturing needs.

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300g 400g 500g 600g 1000g Rated Load and 0.001g Accuracy Digital Weigh Scale


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